Friday, May 9, 2014

Foodage From The Week

Hi Friends! Happy early Mother's Day to all my Mommy readers (fur-babies do count!). ;) I am so excited to go to my favorite restaurant, Quintessence, to celebrate on Sunday! I will post all about that on Monday. For now here is what I've been eating this week..
Little A and I shared some organic mango when we left the city after my appointment on Monday.
Since Monday was Cinco De Mayo, we had to have tacos! I made organic corn tortillas filled with walnut "meat" (in the food processor ground sprouted or soaked walnuts, add in Coconut Aminos, garlic powder, cumin, pink salt, ground pepper, a pinch of cayenne), olives, lettuce, guacamole, chopped peppers and salsa.
More snackage for Little A and I: Brad's Raw Nacho Kale Chips.
Dinner for Little A one night: a sweet potato with coconut oil, pink salt and garlic powder, olives, avocado sprinkled with pink salt and chickpeas that I roasted in the oven with coconut oil. cumin, turmeric, pink salt and Coconut Aminos.
I had the same chickpeas on top of a salad with Bubbies pickles, olives, pea sprouts, avocado, sun dried tomatoes, hummus and mixed greens.
Little A wanted roasted brussel sprouts for dinner one night so I cut them and roasted them with coconut oil, pink salt, ground pepper and garlic powder then mixed them in with some brown rice/millet noodles. I added some olive oil and Coconut Aminos at the end (can you tell we love Coconut Aminos?).
And finally, lunch one afternoon: tomatoes, hummus, pea sprouts and kimchi on top of raw sunflower seed bread (store bought).

Have a lovely weekend! 

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