Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Here is what I am loving this week..
Little A FINALLY let me put a bow in her hair. This one was mine from when I was a kid! ;)
Love these Go Raw Salad Snax. I tried the ranch flavor last week and this week was the Thousand Island, delicious!
I love when I find raw food at Marshalls!
I am so happy and loving that my face is back to normal! No steroids (or any meds) since NOVEMBER! And of course little Ginger's face with tongue out, love that!
I mentioned in my last post that T broke me off a gemstone from a rock on our hike. Here is the big rock he broke it from. So cool!
I am obsessed with all the kimchi's from this brand (I've heard they make salsa too, must find!). I've talked about my love for Wildbrine before but I never had the Miso Horseradish flavor, WOW, IN LOVE!
Love when I get samples like this from Dean's Natural Market!
I mentioned about being off of all meds, well now it's time to get back what steroids took away! Rebuilding myself little by little. This is Dragon Herbs Hair and Nails formula, MSM powder (I mix into smoothies), and Neem Oil for teeth health.
We are loving the beautiful Spring weather we had on Monday. "Peinture sur le motif!"We painted outside. Little A loves anything artsy. Funny off topic story, today I told her she has Strawberry Blonde hair and she said "NOOOO!!! I want to have BLUEBERRY BLONDE HAIR!" Hehe!
My paint doodle, just messing around! ;)

What are you loving this week? XO


Cosmic said...

Little A is beautiful(like her mom:)inside & out(cute too:)!

X said...

Yay for no steroids! Little A looks so sweet. Have you got any ideas for entertaining a crazy 14 month old on a rainy day?


Lauren said...

Thank you! When A was that age we painted. With lots of newspapers!
Coloring books, read books (my daughter just started sitting for that lol), activity games or toys, water fun in the sink with different cup sizes said...

Great, thanks Lauren! Theo loves reading but haven't tried the other ideas. Can't wait to see what he thinks of them! Happy weekend! X

shannonmarie said...

You look marvelous!