Friday, July 19, 2013

A New Winner! And Eats from The Week!

Happy Friday! 

I mentioned that I was upping my vitamin C intake because Little A had a little cold she caught from her cousin.. I got a little touch of it (just congestion) and poor T got it full blown! He has had a fever and all sorts of symptoms all week! He is finally doing better today, but wow, what a week! Little A and I were definitely spared! I'd like to say because of all the nursing she does! ;)

Anyway, I have a new winner for my UnDiet Giveaway: Faith Walsh! Please check your email (and spam folder) ASAP and send me your mailing info! Thanks again to everyone who entered!

Onto eats..
This was a salad I had with a big sweet potato for dinner one night: cucumbers from my garden, kimchi, red onion, peas shoots.
Little A's dinner one night: left over gluten free bread with almond butter, white beans with kelp flakes, a piece yellow sweet potato, avocado and sauerkraut and sliced white peach.
Another one of Little A's dinners: spinach sauteed in coconut oil, Bubbies Pickles, hummus, cucumbers from the garden, white beans with kelp flakes and not pictured, most of my sweet potato (she loves them!).
We grew green beans this year!
A made a nice comfort meal with them one night: potatoes, tomato sauce, white beans and green beans.
And finally, a rich and creamy smoothie I enjoyed one day: dates, bananas, Sunwarrior Chocolate Warrior Blend, water.

Stay cool everyone, the weather has been unbelievably hot here!

Have a nice weekend! XO

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Lauren said...

You're comfort meals look so divine! I would eat dinner over your house any night! Glad you guys stayed clear of the nasty cold symptoms!