Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Still Celebrating

I'm back with more birthday celebrating! I had such a fun filled-jam packed weekend! I feel so lucky to have such amazing friends and family.

On Saturday, we headed to Vita Organics for lunch. I had a spinach salad that had sesame seeds and carrots on it.

Little A and I shared some raw kale chips. These were really good. I like when they use Dinosaur Kale instead of Curly Kale, it also tends to be easier on my stomach.

Of course I had to have some Vita Raw Chocolate! I mentioned before that they have a "Chocolate Factory" attached to their store! So cool!

Later on, we had a little gathering at our house to celebrate our birthdays! Little A was super excited to see her aunts and uncles!

We had some snacks: organic pop corn, pita chips, hummus, a veggie tray that I made a raw dip with. This dip is so good! I just blend raw cashews, mustard, coconut aminos, turmeric and water. It was a hit!!! So simple too!

We also had Brads Raw Nacho Kale Chips.

For dinner we ordered pizza. My sis, Little A and I had some sauteed broccoli (sorry for the blurry pic).

And large salads. Little A loves to stick her fingers in my salad and eat all the goodies! We actually ordered her half a whole wheat pizza with no cheese and broccoli but she picked the broccoli off and ate it, didn't even touch the crust! LOL! While I do try to feed her gluten free, I am not strict about it. She does have whole wheat on rare occasions. She doesn't have an allergy, but I feel like gluten free is easier on her digestion.

My bestie-sis-in-law and bro-in-law brought some raw Coco-Roons!

They also got me a gift card to One Lucky Duck! I sure am "One Lucky Duck"! ;)

I made Heathy's Raw Chocolate Cheesecake and topped it with bananas. OMG!!! THIS WAS SO GOOD!!!! Heathy knows her stuff! ;) My sister, Little A and I gobbled this up. We also had a cannoli cake for T and everyone else. Apparently, it was delicious as well. Ha Ha!

My little slice of heaven!

And finally, my brother got me this beautiful Amethyst necklace. He knows me well!!!

Still more from the weekend! Superbowl Sunday eats on Friday! Have a great day!!!


bitt said...

Mmm kale chips! And macaroons! Yum. Glad you had a good birthday.

Urban_Lake said...

All the food looks fab! Yum! :) Glad you had a great birthday x

shannonmarie said...

Love how you continued to celebrate. Oh and you are looking good girl!