Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, T!

Happy Friday! And Happy Birthday to my Love Bug, T! We are going to dinner tonight and my parents will be watching Little A. I am looking forward to spending sometime with my hunny bunny! ;)

So, I am coming up on three weeks since eating bean/grain free and so far, so good. I notice a big difference in my bloating, besides that, not much to report. I think it is still too soon to tell much.

This was a delicious raw vegan pudding I made one day: Durian, dried figs, banana, water, cinnamon, Cacao Magic, Sunwarrior Chocolate Warrior Blend, Maca and Chia Seeds.

This was my dinner one night: two sweet potatoes topped with coconut oil and an artichoke steamed with garlic, olive oil, vegetable broth and seasonings. Artichokes are one of my favorite veggies! I just love them!

This was Little A's dinner one night: apples, homemade raw vegan coconut yogurt, raw kraut, white beans with dulse flakes and sweet potato with coconut oil.

I bought some Camu Powder this week, it's our family flu shot! ;)

I had some left over Durian, so I froze it for smoothies. Got some weird comments on Facebook about what this looks like.. LOL! ;)

I picked up these two new flavors of Kevita at my Whole Foods: Mojita Lime Mint Coconut and Lemon Cayenne, can't wait to try! I also noticed they switched to using Stevia now. So much less sugar per bottle! YIPPY!

The latest workout video I am doing.. Along with Kettle Bells a few times a week.

I love ZOYA Polish and couldn't resist when they had an online offer to buy 3 bottles for $10! These are the colors I got.

This was my "Immunity Smoothie" I made yesterday afternoon: Durian, Cilantro, Ginger, Coconut Oil, Banana, Mango, Water, Camu Powder and Bee Pollen.

This was part of my dinner last night: a big salad topped with celery, radishes, raw sunflower seeds, kimchi, raw olives, left over kale chip crumbs and dressed with olive oil and coconut vinegar.

And this was the other part: 2 yams topped with curry sauce and garlic powder. I put this curry sauce on everything! SO GOOD!

Have a wonderful and warm weekend! XO


Nikki said...

Love seeing the yams and sweet potatoes. They are my favorites right now. I looked for the new Kevita flavors, but they haven't made it to my stores yet. Really want to try the lemon!

You might already know this, but there is some research that shows Elderberry extract to have anti-viral properties. I'm going to get some to add to my smoothies. Here's a link to some info if you're interest:

Happy Birthday to T! Have a wonderful dinner :)

shannonmarie said...

Happy birthday T!

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I've been craving a lot of veggies, too (mostly kale for some reason). After reading this post, I really want an artichoke.