Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Merry Belated Christmas!!! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! :) Ours was one of the best yet! Every year gets better and better with Little A.

We usually open gifts with our little family on Christmas Eve morning since we stay over night at my Mother-in-law's on Christmas Eve night. Little A got her gifts from us then, and boy was she happy!

A few highlights of her gifts, these two awesome books!

All dressed up and ready to go!

We stopped by Deans on the way down to grab lunch. I shared an "Eggnog" smoothie with Little A, it was raw vegan of course!

I also had my favorite collard wrap filled with raw veggies and raw vegan cashew mayo.

 T and I also snacked on these raw pumpkin seeds from Gopal's! YUM!

We had Christmas Eve dinner at my Mother-in-law's house which was a big salad..

Gluten free pasta with fresh herbs and tomatoes and vegan eggplant no-parm (made with Daiya and gluten free bread crumbs). She had made this for Christmas, but there was enough for us to have it both days.

After that, we visited the rest of T's family at his Uncles house and then we headed to my Naunee's house for the usual late night gift opening. Here is our family at Naunee's house!

I got some great gifts including a pressure cooker from my parents!

And a Sprout watch from my Naunee and Pop. This watch is made from recycled materials, is biodegradable and eco-friendly!

Christmas morning, Little A opened up all her gifts from T's family. She is so blessed and spoiled!!!

One of the highlights was a gift card my Bestie-sis-in-law, Bro-in-law and new niece got her for Nova Toys. In case you aren't familiar, Nova Toys has all natural toys and crafts. So many cool things, you must check out their website.

Our family on Christmas day.

Little A dressed up for the occasion. ;)

Ginger and Sueshe, exhausted from the busy day.

Ginger and Bella (my Bestie-sis-in-law's dog).

I was pretty hungry by the time dinner came (as you can see).. This is my glorious plate: salad, green beans made with almonds and gluten free bread crumbs, roasted red potatoes made by T, gluten free vegan lasagna made by my sister and gluten free vegan eggplant no-parm. This was an AMAZING MEAL!!!!

I also brought gluten free vegan cupcakes from Papa Ganache: Carrot Cake and Christmas Trees that were vanilla with vanilla cake.
Some more gift highlights: Crazy Sexy Kitchen and The Sunfood Diet Infusion, both from my parents.

T stuffed my stocking with raw vegan chocolates from Heathy at Sweetly Raw. Her turtles are my favorite!

He also got raw vegan truffles from her as well!! YUMMMM!

I hope everyone had a great holiday and I hope you all have a happy and safe New Year! I'll try to post on Monday! :)


JL Goes Vegan said...

YAY! A pressure cooker! You will love it! Happy Belated Christmas! :)

Nikki said...

Happy Holidays, Lauren! Loved all of your photos, so festive and pretty. The pressure cooker looks awesome. Looking forward to seeing what you create with it. Happy New Year to you and your family :)

Urban_Lake said...

What a lovely Christmas! The food all looks wonderful and what a pretty family :) I got Crazy Sexy Kitchen from my parents too. I will definitely be making lots of the recipes from that in February when I have money again....until then it's beans on toast I think! Have a great New Year :)
Lana x

shannonmarie said...

I'm loving all the pics, especially the ones of little lady in her lovely dress. Gorgeous! I also like your watch. I saw that Bitt got the same one. I almost bought one, too, but I already have a watch I wear everyday.

The video of your celebration at Naunee's looked like so much fun. Happy holidays! :-)

bitt said...

LOVE the watch. ;-) little F loved my "bracelet" as she called it. all your presents and food look so good. I am going to copy you and get a pressure cooker with my amazon gift card. i need one! beans beans beans!