Friday, February 10, 2012

Superbowl, That's How Roll!

Hey Friends! I hope you all had a great week! I know I said I would be back on Wednesday, but, I usually don't have time during the day to type up my posts, so I do them the night before. Well, Tuesday night came, and I was all warm and snuggling with my little girl and I couldn't tear myself away. Baby always comes first! :)

Well, I had my second infusion yesterday and I had an allergic reaction. My throat closed up, I couldn't breath, I almost passed out. Luckily, the nurses are always around so they gave me some antihistamines, which of course, I had an reaction too! They got enough in me before I started to react, so that made the reaction go away. I felt sick the rest of the day and I can no longer take that medication. I have tried every medication they have on the market and I am allergic to 3 of them and the others don't work at all. So I am waiting to see what is going to happen next. Many suggest holistic medications, etc and those who have reading my blog for awhile know I have gone that route. When I did, I lost so much blood that my blood count dropped to 3 from 13 and I was hospitalized (on 2 different occasions of trying the holistic way). My doctor told me I almost went into cardiac arrest. So that was when I woke up and realized that my case is too severe to only use the natural way. I am not going to lose my life because I don't want to take medications. Sorry to be harsh, but it's true. :(

Anyway, these are some pictures from last weekend and earlier in the week. We hit up our juice bar one day and I had this pressed juice: "Hawaiian Chlorophyll"- Kale, Parsley, Cucumber, Spinach, Celery, Romaine and Pineapple. Yummy!
For the Superbowl, I made Raw Tacos. I mentioned on the Ginger is the New Pink Facebook Page that I would be making these and everyone wanted to come to my house! ;) I used this recipe and added my own guacamole and raw olives. 
I have been drinking more green juice again and everyone has been commenting on my skin! I tell ya, this stuff is magic!
This juice had romaine, kale, pear, cucumber and celery in it. 
One night for dinner I made a big batch of red lentils with low sodium veg broth, garlic, olive oil, celery, chickpea miso, carrot and I added quinoa to it. What a yummy idea! I garnished with some scallion.
I also made some almond milk! YUM!!!!!!!! Baby A had an almond milk mustache, I wish I took a picture!! ;) This was the first time she tasted any other milk besides mine, I was glad to see she liked it. Of course, Mommy's milk comes first! (By the way, that's T's wheatgrass underneath!)
I used the pulp to make some almond cookies. I added raw coconut nectar, raw carob and cinnamon. Unfortunately, these were too dry to swallow! LOL! T and I nearly choked! I think I dehydrated them for a little too long. Opps!
I needed some good reading material for when I have my Crohn's infusions (which won't be happening now!). I was excited to find these two gems for $5 at Barnes and Noble! SCORE!
Another great find from the week: fresh organic turmeric! I've been adding some to my smoothie, I can't wait to juice some!
Have a great weekend!! XO


JayaKrishna said...

Lauren, in addition to whatever meds you decide work for you, that Tumeric is a wonderful anti bacterial, anti inflamatory wonder root. I would keep taking that in therapeutic doses as awell as Boswellin for pain. When I had flare ups, these worked for me as well as pureed vegetable soups. I will tell you, I have been there, 84 lbs, dehydrated, malnourished,blood transfusion..almost dead, hospitalized more times than I care to remember, the only thing that really helped was I now have 3 1/2 ft of small intestines left, but I've been flare-up free for the last 5 years. This was my 3rd time in 20 years, I was diagnosed when I was 20. Like you I am allergic to all the meds, everyone, so diet and low stress is how I keep healthy, I am vegan and gluten-free however I do have to watch the raw. Good luck sunshine

Bethany said...

Hi Lauren, I just wanted to encourage you and say that I think you're doing the right thing - you need to do what's right for YOU, not what others "think" you should do. You know your body better than anyone else. FWIW, I've also gone the holistic route for some of my medical issues (infertility, depression) and found that I just felt BETTER with medication. I don't want to take meds, but I also don't want to lose my life (as you said). Good for you for caring enough about yourself, Baby A, and T to do whatever you need to do to keep yourself healthy and happy.

bitt said...

Lauren, so sorry about the allergic reaction! Is it common to only have it the second time? I am glad you were rescued and ok. To anyone who says you aren't doing enough natural stuff, they don't know shit! You obviously are eating all the best stuff. As I told my mom the other day, yes, some people are cured on a high raw diet, so if you still aren't, you obviously need something more. I think you need to do what works best, and I hope you find it.

The raw tacos look so good. As does that wheatgrass, I might have to get growing some again soon.

As for pulp cookies, I find that you have to introduce some fat back into the recipe to get it a little less dry. Add some other nuts or seeds ground up or coconut oil.

I hope you feel better and have a great weekend.

foodfeud said...

So sorry to hear about the reactions and the original problems. I hope you find the best way to help yourself.
The food looks great as usual - eyeing that wheatgrass for sure.

Twins said...

oh gosh girl, sorry to hear that happened to you!
thinking of you!
pure2raw twins
lori and michelle

Nikki said...

Scary! So glad they were monitoring you and were able to get the antihistamine into your system. I hope that you can find the right combination of treatments that your body can tolerate and that will help you continue to heal. The patient knows their body best! Like Aimee said, it's obvious that you put the best of the best into your body from the natural side, so you have a great foundation to add to, with whatever that needs to be.

The eats look awesome! Your baby has the most sophisticated palette of any toddler I've ever known, thanks to her mommy :)

Tough Cookie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your infusion :-( Everyone is different. I took medicine for some time. Now, I don't, but I may need to again some day. Do what is right for you. You have my support either way. Love you!

Luv-2B-Raw said...

Hi Lauren, I'm both praying for you & strengthening your energy to make it through this ordeal. Many Blessings to you! :)

Treesa said...

Missed a few days of Reiki 'cause I was in bed feeling ick, but will get back on it in case it helps if even a smidge.

Sending you a virtual hug from the Pacific Northwest. Hoping and praying you feel well soon.

BTW: How are you liking your new angel card deck?

Sarah said...

The all natural way is great when it works, but sometimes you just have to medicate. I have been battling with my migraines for years and lately they've been pretty bad again. I saw my neurologist the other day and prescribed me another new preventative med and part of me thinks I should just try harder to make the migraines stop, but most of me gets that I'm doing my best, and sometimes you just have to get medication help.

I hope you feel better soon!! It's tough to mommy when you're sick.

Samantha said...

WOW!! Where did you find fresh tumeric?? I need some for my hubby!!! I have been making fresh ginger tea and having him drink the warm water...he says it feels like it helps crohns and fresh ginger...if you can tolerate it maybe try it in addition to the medical stuff!!

SILVIA said...

great blog sweety!!!!
It´s really fantastic!!!!

dreaminitvegan said...

Wow that is so scary! I'm so glad you are here with us.

The beauty of modern medicine is that it's here for us when we need it. You know it's working for you, how wonderful is that! Along with that you take care of yourself as much as possible with lots of good food and exercise.

That fresh tumeric looks cool.

Callie! said...

Oh Lauren, I'm thinking of you! I hope you are feeling better - and, continue to feel better. I completely respect your choice to go the medical route, as I believe there truly is a purpose for medication at times -- it's just that it's over abused (by crazy people, ha)! Sending much love your way <3

HiHoRosie said...

I've always been of the opinion that there's a time and place for western medicine and holistic or that there's room in this world for both. I'm glad you're doing what is best for you. That's scary to hear how bad it's been. I hope you stay on the mend. <3