Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hey Beautiful People! I hope you are all having a great week! I am so happy to be feeling better and I am loading my body with delicious, healthy, quality food! I just want to make a quick mention of something, a lot of people like to tell me "eat this, don't eat that.." etc. Well, this tends to annoy me. Not everyone is the same. Heck, I know some people with Crohn's who do fine on a heavy protein, meat filled diet and others who can't digest a vegetable. We are all different, and if I cut out everything people told me I shouldn't eat, I would be eating water and dirt, LOL! I just wanted to get that off my chest, I am eating what I can and what makes me feel good. Just because a food makes you feel sick, doesn't been it makes me feel sick. :)

Anyway, over the weekend, we visited our family. First stop, DEANS! I grabbed a 24 oz "Sweet Greens": apple, kale and spinach and shared it with Baby A.
I also had a collard wrap for lunch (filled with veggies, sprouts and raw cashew mayo).
I decided to give Harmless Harvest coconut water another try and found I actually liked it this time. Maybe the last one I had went bad, since it was sour to me.
I was also delighted to see Dean's had raw falafel by Live Jolly Foods. I just love everything that company makes!!! These were so good, I saved a few to add to a salad for lunch earlier this week.
At my Mother-in-law's house I made myself some Organic Ginger Tea. I just love everything about tea, the ritual, the flavor, the way it warms your soul. I don't drink coffee (haven't in 5 years), so this is my warm drink of choice. 
I also picked up a Raw Chipotle BBQ Sandwich from Live Jolly Foods. I brought this home to have for lunch on Sunday.
Um, AMAZING! The patty had a BBQ flavor on it and was topped with kale and a raw "onion ring". The bread was really soft and tasty as well (Baby A had a few nibbles of the bread and LOVED it). 
I hope you all have a great day! We started our seeds this week for our annual organic garden. This is the first year we are growing from seed instead of trans-plants. Any suggestions or tips are welcome! We've had such great success with trans-plants that I am a little nervous to change it up! XO


HarmlessHarvest said...

So happy you gave us another try! And glad you're feeling better! Also, lucky you in finding fresh organic turmeric, I can never seem to find it!

Just to let you know, there can be some flavor variations from bottle to bottle - each bottle is the water from exactly one coconut so no two taste exactly alike! It is a perishable product though and can go sour, like cow's milk, so take care to check the "best by" date! Thanks again!

GF Vegan Raw- Twins said...

yes so happy to hear that you are feeling better!!! and love all your eats, always looks so good :)
lori and michelle
pure2raw twins

Lisa is Raw on $10 a Day (or less!) said...

Glad you're feeling better :). I think most people are well intentioned with unsolicited advice (and I try not to be, but I'm very generous in giving it myself!!), but it drives me nuts, too.

We're growing a ton of seedling this year too. We did pretty good with them last year, after many years of failure. Growing them really bright (I used grow lights) and cool seems to be what worked here.

Lauren said...

Thanks Lisa! I actually should mention in my next post that I appreciate advice, but the emails I've been getting aren't advice, they are more like telling me i am crazy for eating certain things. Not kind at all! :(

bitt said...

So sorry you have to go through that. I know what it's like to have tons of advice thrown on you, I've had a lot of it lately. It's so hard to trust the doctors and your own intuition then to have others question constantly is rough. I think if you are feeling better that is great, keep doing what works.

Love the collard wrap, they look so good maybe I should make one one of these days.

Kristen's Raw said...

I always avoided that coconut water cuz sometimes it's pink which when I used to open coconuts. The pink were always bad to me? Glad you tasted a good bottle though.

You always have yummy prepared raw food options. I'm a jelly-belly!


Tough Cookie said...

I'm so sorry you are getting negative e-mails :-( It's the nature of the beast when you're a public figure even though you'd hope people would be compassionate and supportive. Keep following your intuition!

Callie {Rawxy} said...

seriously, SO many yummy meals! That sammie, those falafels -- where does it end!? I want, I want, I want :) (my favorite words, ha)

Roxanne said...

I think people give advice because they care. Or they give advice because they think you don't know. I would give everyone the benefit of the doubt and kindly inform them some foods are good for me and some foods are not.
If they insist on imparting their unwanted wisdom... Let them know that Crohn's disease doesn't have a set of do's and don't's, so please don't assume. People have to know that it is unacceptable to FORCE advice on others, especially when they have no clue on what they are talking about!
I wouldn't pay attention to unwanted advice. I just realized.... although it is hard to do but so easy to give advice on! HeeHee

HiHoRosie said...

so jealous you get all this yummy food! That sanich looks awesome!

Glad you're feeling better, btw.