Monday, February 20, 2012

Chocolate Fever

Hey All! I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was EPIC! :) I am feeling 100% again and I am able to eat and enjoy my favorite foods. Feels great! I have a lot of pics from the weekend, but I have to type a quick post now, so hopefully that will be up on Wednesday!

Anyway, I am back to juicing, FULL ON GREEN POWER!!! Baby A enjoys this too (she likes watching me juice, hopefully soon she can help out!). This juice was Romaine, Apple and Lemon. Yum!
T brought me home a little treat on Friday! He saw this Raw Chocolate Brownie at Whole Foods and said he thought of me! ;) 
REALLY GOOD! I love raisins in my chocolate! 
Baby A has been eating bigger dinners lately (and still not much during the day still, just boob!). Anyway, this was one of her dinners: coconut milk yogurt with green powder added, raw carrots, cooked chickpeas, raw avocado and apple sprinkled with cumin and raw kraut and cucumber sprinkled with dulse.
T had ordered me some raw chocolate from Heathy for Valentine's Day (YES! MORE CHOCCIES!). Anyway, Heathy was kind enough to add a few little samples. If you haven't had her chocolate, you must order some when she sells it online again. This stuff is amazing! Most is raw (except one peanut butter cup): Raw Truffles, Almond Butter Cups, Caramel Pecan Cluster (my FAVORITE!), and Chocolate Raisin Clusters. This gal has talent, watch out raw chocolatiers! ;)
I was very happy to be able to enjoy a little chocolate again, as you can tell by this post! ;)
Have a great day!


pureglow*16 said...

i love chocolate!!! I actually had some but sometimes it causes breakouts and water retention for me. so no no no for me for chocolate! :(
heathers chocolate looks soo good and i love raisins and chocolate toO!!

Tough Cookie said...

Those chocolates look DIVINE!!!! They must taste like a little piece of heaven.

bitt said...

Go baby A, nice meal! Can I have a bite?

SO glad you are feeling better. Way to celebrate with some chocolate!

Lana said...

Those chocolates look so nice! I really want to try the peanut butter stuff...I LOVE peanut butter :D Glad you are back to feeling 100% again too :)

Mary Liselle Davenport said...

everything looks fantastic! LOVE the meal you prepared for baby A!! so glad you are feeling good again!!

Roxanne said...
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HiHoRosie said...

looks like we got some of the same stuff from Heathy! So good! Love seeing Baby A's healthy eats too.