Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Adventures in Housesitting

Hey! I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was very, as always! But the Spring weather makes it so much better! I am still housesitting at my Mother-in-law's house, she lives pretty close to my parents so I have been spending time with them as well.
On Friday, we went to Wegmans to pick up some groceries with my Mom. I grabbed a rice paper wrap for lunch. Love these!

I was still hungry so I cut up an avocado and topped it with some artichoke tapenade, horseradish (I am obsessed with horseradish at the moment), olives and some ground pepper. 

That night we had a pizza party at my parents house. I made a huge kale salad that was gobbled up very quickly!

This was one of the two pizzas that my sister, Little A and I shared.

I followed that with a tonic made with reishi, coconut oil, carob, dandy blend, gynnostema tea and stevia

Little A and I saw these socks while shopping and I obviously had to buy them for her.

On Saturday, T ran Spartan Race (his obstacle course racing season has begun), so Little A, my parents and I went to a local craft show. The show had only vendors from the county. This was the stash I left with: vegan chocolate bunnies for Easter, vegan fig chocolate, a strawberry headband for Little A, bees wax tea lights, natural bees wax "rootbeer" lip gloss, bee pollen, an organic essential oil spray and a sign for our kitchen! :)

After that, Little A and I met my sister and cousin at The Kitchen Witch for lunch. I had "The Oz Salad" which is all raw and all vegan! YUM!

Little A and I hung out at the park until Daddy got home

Sunday morning I started my day with a big smoothie of bananas, cherries, kale, Sunwarrior Chocolate, Gynnostema tea, Vitamin k2/d drops, Dandy Blend, and topped with bee pollen.

Later on we went to Deans to grab some smoothies. I had a "High Vibe" minus the agave and used water instead of non dairy milk (I usually skip "milks" because of Carrageenan). This had bananas, cacao, lucuma and maca in it.

We went to a party for our friends that came to visit from California after that. Here is Little A and her cousin. So sweet!

Here I am with our friend's 5 month old. Isn't he a doll?

After the party we came home and snacked on some hummus with turmeric and olive oil, artichoke tapenade and some organic celery.
What a fun/beautiful/exhausting weekend! :)

Have a great day! XO

Friday, April 11, 2014


Hey Everyone! Yesterday I had a "pouchoscopy" (a colonoscopy that is performed on my j-pouch), and the results were great! My surgeon was all smiles as he T know (I was still out of it) that I am healing beautifully! I will have another exam in his office in May and possible one more before my final surgery. I feel so relieved to know my body is doing it's job! I was worried that the results wouldn't be great because of all the issues during and right after my last surgery. Phew! Anyway, we are "housesitting", so I will blog when I get a chance. I need to check out the computer where we are to see how blogger is (I am at my Mom's blogging now, and Blogger is giving me issues as usual).

Onto eats..
This was dinner after gardening last weekend: wild mushroom rice, broccoli cooked in tomato sauce and an artichoke stuffed with gluten free bread crumbs and garlic.

Little A enjoyed hers in her PJ's since we had just been gardening, I had to shower her before dinner.

More PJ fun! We decluttered our office and we have lots of room for yoga in the morn!

I lit some sage for our new office space. Clears out any bad, negative, unwanted energy!

My dear friend Sharanya sent me this awesome gift! Look at all that chocolate! And Indian spices! YUM!!

I made a nice hearty vegetable soup for dinner one night that I added some gluten free noodles too.

This was a "clear out the fridge" lunch: avocado with olives stuffed with garlic and some horseradish and ground pepper on top! Mmmmm!

We always pass by the Empire State Building after my appointments. Love the blue sky!

And a sweet reward for a victory in my health! ;)

I also wanted to share that my sister is expecting her first baby with her husband! :) I got the news when I came out of surgery in February and it turned my whole outlook around. Definitely helped me survive that long hospital stay! :)
Have a great weekend! XO

Monday, April 7, 2014

Better Late then Never!

Happy Monday All!!! Little late posting here because I didn't get a chance to blog last night, and this morning I have been decluttering away! I am exhausted! This week we are going to be house sitting for my Mother-in-law, so I may not be able to blog. Today will be a sorta "What I'm Loving Wednesday" and a normal post in one..
T is obsessed with coconut chips! He loves the ones Dang makes. These raw ones were on sale this week so we tried out two bags, they were yummy! The chocolate would be great on some banana "nice" cream, and the lime was very lip puckering! ;)
We got our counter tops and new faucet this weekend! We also picked out backsplash, hopefully it will be in this week!
Little Ginger turned 8 years old last Saturday!! Do you believe it? Time sure flies!
We were so busy on Saturday that when we finally got a chance to eat, we were starving! We stopped at Whole Foods, this was my lunch: rice paper veggie rolls, a large kale salad with hummus, olives, guacamole, artichoke hearts and a raw tea.
We picked up our organic transplants and I saw these kale earrings on sale for 50% off! T insisted I have them! ;)
Here are our organic lettuces and kale.
Little A wanted a raspberry bush, so this will be her little project.
We also planted radishes and multi colored carrot seeds.
Little A was a natural at planting! She loved every second!
And finally, all planted! Mmm.. Can't wait!

I have my "Pouchoscopy" exam on Thursday to determine when my last surgery will be, please keep me in your thoughts! I realllllly want to get done with this whole thing (and the bag), sooner rather then later.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring is HERE

Happy Friday! We have been enjoying the Spring weather so much! I barely have had a chance to blog, so if I am MIA in the near future, it's because I am too busy having fun in the sun. My desire to be out in nature is so strong at this time! ;)
Little A and I have been having breakfast outside in the morning again. LOVE it! This smoothie was: cherries, bananas, nettle tea cooled over night, Chocolate Sunwarrior Warrior Blend, spinach, diatamaceous earth, vitex, vitamin k2/d drops.
Little A had her bowl of cherries for breakfast.
This was a delicious pudding I had for lunch: tart cherry smoothie packet, bananas, maca, chia seeds, Sunwarrior Vanilla Warrior Blend and a little water. Topped with chopped dates and cacao nibs.
Salad dinner one night: mixed greens, olives, sun dried tomatoes, kraut, Bubbies pickles. Dressed with apple cider vinegar and olive oil.
I also had a side of sweet potatoes that were baked with coconut oil, sea salt and garlic powder.
This was a yummy green "soup" I blended up for lunch: celery, kale, bell peppers, ground pepper, sea salt, turmeric, cumin, garlic. I also stirred some kraut in at the end.
Little A stole it, of course!
Another dinner: mushroom rice, Jerusalem artichokes and broccolini all cooked in coconut oil and sea salt.
Little A still in her pj's had fun in the dirt. Building her little immune system! ;) A bath followed..

Have a great weekend! XO

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! Here is what I am loving this week..
My Whole Foods has Jackfruit!!! I didn't buy because it was more expensive then I could get at the Asian market, but pretty cool they are bringing exotic stuff like that in!
Another fun find.. Costco has black bean pasta!!!! Of course bought a large box!!
I love Vita Chocolate, and it is made local which is even better. Got this flavor at Whole Foods this week, the "anti-inflammatory" part got me.
And finally, Spring has (sorta) sprung! Little A and I had breakfast outside yesterday morning!

What are you loving this week?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Rainy Weekend Decluttering

Hey Love Bugs! I hope you had a nice weekend! Mine was very rainy but pretty productive anyway.
Friday was the usual grocery trip to Whole Foods. I tried this raw tea (thought it was good, but had a different taste to me. Not in a bad way, just different). I also picked up this cute little succulent for my kitchen table.
On Saturday we ran around a lot. Little A wanted me to take a picture of her with her pepper. LOL!
Saturday night was filled with family fun that included a dance party and my drink of choice, COCONUT WATER! Isn't this one cute? T got me it at ShopRite!
Sunday morning was snuggly with my two buddies..
Then it was on to decluttering! I have been waiting for T to help me declutter the basement and we did it! This is before..
And this is after! All those bags of clothes are going to Good Will! Feels freeing! He also organized a lot so we can possibly go back to working on our play room/exercise area down there. We got side tracked with our dining room (which is done now) and our kitchen (which should be done soon). 
We worked up an appetite so T ran to The Juice House and got me and Acai Bowl and green juice!
The "Juice Thief" stole my juice!
Ginger, Little A and I had fun doing selfies!
Her little face is so cute here! HA HA!
 I was pretty exhausted from decluttering and some errands we ran so T made dinner! :) He made us vegetable soup with brown rice noodles. Perfect for the rainy weather we had!
For dessert the 3 of us shared this Hail Merry Vanilla Coconut Pie. This might be my favorite of their flavors! WOW! Delicious!

Have a great day!